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Aviation Centre Plane on Runway


SKYPAC features a full range of charter aircraft available for corporate or business flights, catering as well for tourist flights to wineries and the outback.

Chartering an aircraft might appear a luxury at first glance, but often it can be more economical then using a scheduled airline – in the same way a taxi can be more efficient then an ordinary bus service.

Where Do We Fly?

We will fly clients anywhere an aircraft can land safely. If you tell us your point of departure and your destination, we will select the aircraft, the nearest airfields and the best routes. Our own aircraft fly more than two million kilometrs a year thoughout Australia and the Pacific.

Our Aircraft

We have our own fleet of aircraft, including the world’s best-selling business jet, the Citation 680 ‘Sovereign’. In addition, we can offer aircraft from any one of five hundred charter airlines throughout Australia at, or close to, the proposed point of departure.

Citation II Plane Over Water

The Citation 680 ‘Sovereign’ is equipped to carry eight passengers in first class comfort, or it can be adapted to a more economical commuter role with a capacity to carry up to 12 passengers.

Safety Standards

The Citation is built, flown and operated to comply with the same ‘transport category’ safety standards required of commercial airlines. Comfort standards are outstanding, and can include drinks and refreshments if required.  |  Contact: reception  |  Phone: (+61) 2 9791 0244

Arrive in High Performance Limousine Style

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